i5 2500k, 4.4ghz vs 4.7ghz performance

Hi, I got myself an i5 2500k, and I wanted to know if there's a noticeable performance boost from 4.4ghz to 4.7ghz, I'm asking because I have to adjust a lot of stuff to be able to reach a stable 4.7ghz OC, if it's not worth it I'd rather stay with 4.4ghz.

If there's a big difference from 4.4ghz to 4.8ghz, I'd be willing to try 4.8ghz.
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  1. Simple enough.

    The difference in CPU performance between 4.4Ghz and 4.8Ghz is about 9%, which might be just enough to notice. Regardless, if you want to increase your overclock, then keep in mind that processors of the same model, stepping and revision are NOT created equal; some overclock better than others ... so observe Intel's specifications and keep the Core voltage under 1.35 and Core temperatures under 80C.

    If you're already at 1.35 Vcore to reach a stable 4.4Ghz, then your processor has no further overclocking headroom. Likewise, whatever clock speed you can reach without exceeding 1.35 Vcore, if your Core temperatures exceed 80C when the ambient temperature is at 22C, then you need to upgrade your CPU cooler.

    For more information, please read the following Sticky: Intel Temperature Guide - http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-1800828/intel-temperature-guide.html

    CT :sol:
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