Build a New/Upgrade PC or Buy a PC With Bare Minimum Components?

Hi, is it possible to buy a PC online w/out a PSU and GPU online or am I going to have to upgrade my current system

The reason that I am asking this is because I have a very outdated mobo (a Wolfdale 1333-D667 V 1.0 I think) that supports a maximum of 4 gb of DDR3 and only supports a Core 2 Duo.

Anyways, my current build is very old and outdated and I am looking to get a new one, so I'm just wondering if I should buy a new case, motherboard, a new Windows 7 installation disc, and new ram, (Possibly a new SSD and HDD) or buy a new PC with Windows 7 and all the parts listed prior to this and just install all of my newer parts from my old build?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Cheers ;)
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  1. what's your total budget for the tower? and what parts will you not need at all?
  2. woltej1 said:
    what's your total budget for the tower? and what parts will you not need at all?

    Haven't really set up a budget yet, just contemplating since I'm in no rush to upgrade yet. As for the parts that I plan on keeping were my GPU (GTX 660), my PSU, my current HDD, and a couple of peripherals like a couple of fans. I plan on getting the motherboard first and then upgrading my parts after (I.E. a new processor). But I think I'll spend about 150$ on the motherboard.
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    well if your first upgrade will be the cpu/mobo, then I'd recommend an i5 4670k. The asus hero motherboard is one of the best right now at about $170-$190 considering price/performance and the OC ability of the board. There are also a lot of great options at your price range. The 4670k runs about $230, and if you're planning on dropping $150 on a board you should get that CPU.
  4. Thanks for the guidance, and since it seems like upgrading is a better choice than buying a new one, I think I'll go ahead and upgrade. :)
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