i renamed a folder in Local Disk C;Users then pooff!! a LOT of my files are gone!1 pls help mee

i renamed a folder on Local disk C users because the name is not mine ., so i tried renaming it by following a few steps Ive searched., I made another Admin account and then from that account i renamed it., it was successful., the problem is ., after deleting the new account i made to go back to my original account ., a lot of my files are already lost., all my musics and documents are not there anymore., pls help me retrieve them back ..
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  1. I don't understand your explanation. Too many "it". Either way, you need to quit using that PC if you want to recover deleted data. Remove the hard drive and install it in another PC. Install recovery software on the host PC (not your HD) and see if it can recover data.
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