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I realize that your taking a chance everytime you buy a CPU or GPU. However, are there any brands that sell binned chipsets on their GPU's. I know that MSI offers the HAWK and Lightning edition cards which are both suppose to be "OC friendly" but is there any thing else i should know when buying a card for OC'ing. (other than cooling solutions and all that jazz, I'm purely interested in information about the chipset and ram aswell as pcb construction)
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    Do NOT buy the stock cooler if you can get a better cooler eg. EVGA ACX, Asus custom coolers, any MSi non-stock cooler, etc. I recommend these manufacturers:

    Nvidia Cards: Asus (Better parts, but less warranty coverage), EVGA (Also has very high performing parts but warranty is much better, as they allow removal of their coolers to install waterblocks), MSi (Not the very best parts and same warranty as Asus, but cheaper than the two other companies and still provides high performance).

    AMD Cards: Asus (Same reasons as Nvidia Cards), Gigabyte (Almost same as Asus, but less high performance parts), MSi (Same reasons as Nvidia Cards), XFX (Basically the Msi for Nvidia reasons).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not buy the overclocked cards. They are the same hardware components, you can overclock them and be at the exact same as the overclocked versions.
  2. what about unlocked bios's. i have a pny 770 but i cant increase the voltage via software. anyway i can get passed without flashing bios?
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