First time build. What can I change to make it better?

Hello everyone, this is my first post and my first build so Im just wondering what I can do to make the system better or if this is good enough for gaming. Also Im interested in overclocking the system so I would like some input on what I can do with this machine. Well heres a list of what I put together.

CM Storm Cooler Master case
ASRock z87 OC Formula motherboard
Intel 4770k processor
G.Skill Ripjawz DDR-3 1600 16gb ram
2- MSI GTX 760 OC 4gb video cards running SLi
Thermaltake Extreme Water 3.0 CPU liquid cooler
Samsung 840 Evo 250gb SSD drive
Seagate Berracuda 1tb HDD
Seasonic X-850 SS-850KM3 850 watt power supply
LG Blu-Ray Modisc 3d blu-ray burner

Any input would help. Like I said this is my first build and Im new to overclocking. The only overclocking I have done so far is only what the board presets has and I only got it to 4.3GHz so far. Thanks
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  1. Well you have some weird parts like sli 4gb 760. There are many overclocking guides on youtube or the second link has more views cause its linustechtips
  2. Stupid question, weird parts like how? Should I have gone with a different video card?
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    Yeah you should have gotten a 780 for the gpu and I dont think you need a blu ray drive.
  4. So should I sell the 2 gtx 760 and go foe a gtx 780? Will the PSU be enough or do I need to upgrade that as well? The blu-ray was just an impulse buy lol Ill never use it.
  5. Yeah, if I were you I would get the 780, you might want to get other suggestions though but I would go for the 780 because its way better then sli 760. Also your psu can handle the 780. It can actually handle sli 780.
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