disk structure is corrupted or unreadable

2 years ago I was bought a portable HD from Western Digital and I only used for 1 time for backup of my laptop.

When I tried to use stored files 2 years later my HD did not worked... There is a note as:

"disk structure is corrupted or unreadable"

Very concerned as all my important data is stored on this drive. How con I get them back. Please help me. Its very important for me.

I am waiting for your urgent solution.


Youth C
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  1. not uncommon..... If it is NOT a USB 3 you can take it out of the case and directly read it
  2. Hi again,

    as a note,

    free space is 0 byte
    and used space is 0 byte

    from my computer even it includes at least 5 GB data.
  3. Best answer
    sorry... I think it is AFU... seen it too many times.
  4. corroded said:
    sorry... I think it is AFU... seen it too many times.

    how can I correct this problem?
  5. From my experience, ever sending it out to a place like DriveSavers cannot recover it. ...and that is way bad
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