Best to buy mid range gpu and upgrade more often or high end gpu and less often?

So I was wondering what do you think is better to do, buy the highest of end cards (I'll use nvidia as an example) like gtx 780/780ti and keep them for longer, or just by mid-high range card like gtx 770 and upgrade more often? What would be better cheaper in your opinion? I thought buying a mid-high card and upgrading more would be better because your getting new architecture and utilization with upgrading to new cards, and if you go with the highest of end cards you may be stuck with a 'last gen' card for a while that isn't fully up to date unless you wanted to buy a new card and waste the money you put into that. So obviously unless you wanted to do high resolution/multi monitor gaming is it really worth getting say a gtx 780 over a 770?
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    At 1080p the 770 is a good solution for 3 years or so. Anything higher than that and a 780 would be a better solution. So it really depends on your resolution.

    As far as money wise what is the best to do it kind of washes out as when you upgrade you can sell your old card, and obviously a 780 will go for more than a 770. It matters how much money you want tied up in your computer.
  2. Thanks. Just wondering because i just personally don't see the extra price of the 780 being worth it what so ever unless playing at 1440p.
  3. A 780 will last a lot longer at 1080p, and also will max any game with max AA and everything while a 770 might have to defer AA on some games. I think all current games it does fine with at 1080p, maybe crysis and metro it might have to defer AA.
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