Asus Rampage IV Gene vs Asus sabertooth x79 vs Asus Maximus VI Hero vs MAXIMUS V vs Asus X79 DELUXE vs Asus Rampage IV Formula

Basically what the title says. Should i get the Asus Rampage IV Gene, Asus sabertooth x79, Asus Maximus VI Hero, Asus MAXIMUS V , Asus X79 DELUXE, Asus X79 DELUXE. I will mostly be using these motherboards for extreme gaming, watching blu-rays/dvds and browsing the internet.

Thank you

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  1. It depends on what CPU you intend to get. The X79 chips use different Intel chips than than the Maximus V and Maximus VI Hero do.

    If you plan to get an Ivy Bridge-E chip, go with any of the X79 boards and you'll be fine, though I hear the Rampage IV Black Edition is getting some pretty good reviews if you want a recommendation there, since you've listed like four X79 boards.

    If you plan on going with Ivy Bridge regular (like a i5-3670K or i7-3770k), get the Maximus V.

    If you plan on going Haswell (i5-4670k or i7-4770k) get the Maximus VI Hero.
  2. Asus Maximus VI Hero with a I5 4670K is what I would choose if overclocking the CPU is in the plans.
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