computer turns off before booting

This is kind of complicated, but ill try to explain the problem the best i can:
I found an old laptop in my house and thought id try to fix it. It came with windows but i replaced it with linux (ubuntu). the screen doesnt work well because it has coffe and water inside, but i dont think the system was damaged by any coffe or water because after the screen broke i just connected it to an external screen and it worked just fine. also the battery is broken but i just leave it connected to the power cord, (without the battery) and the computer was bought in a 220v zone and now i live in a 110v zone, but the power cord says "wide range input, input: 100-240v"
so i turned it on, and after showing the screen that says
"<F9>change boot device order, <F10>BIOS setup options"
it shows me the following booting options:
Ubuntu, with linux 3.2.0-29-generic-pae
Ubuntu, with linux 3.2.0-29-generic-pae (recovery mode)
Memory test (memtest 86+)
Memory test (memtest 86+, serial console 115200)
so i tried booting with both of the ubuntu options, and the following process happened with both:
fefore showing something thats has anything to do with ubuntu, the computer will just show a black screen with a little grey line on the top going on and off (as if its going to write something) and then it turns off (you can hear the fan going off)
i tried running both memory tests and both succeeded without turning off, and this is why i dont think the problem is the power cord.
so i thought that the problem is with the ubuntu software, and i downloaded an older but more supported version of ubuntu (i think 2.7). when trying to boot it from a usb, i pressed F9 at the start screen, selected my usb device and it started booting. the computer then went to a screen that says "ubuntu" and has dots under the word ubuntu (i remembered this was the first thing that appeared when you booted ubuntu). this was the first sign of a real operating system. the ubuntu sign was there for some seconds , and then the computer turned itself off again (you could hear the fan turning off). i tried again many times, and the furthest it has gone was, while being in the ubuntu screen, showing a little sign that says that im not connected to a wifi network (about 20 seconds after it started booting ubuntu) but the ubuntu starting screen was still there, and then it turned off. it never went past the ubuntu starting screen.

ths laptop is about 4 years old, these are its specs:
product: hp compaq mini 110
Processor Intel Atom N270
Processor clock speed 1.6GHz
Memory 1.00GB
Memory slots 1
Memory slots free 0
Maximum memory 1GB
Size 35x265x170mm
Weight 1.1kg
Sound IDT HD Audio
Pointing device touchpad
Power consumption standby 1W
Power consumption idle 14W
Power consumption active 18W
Viewable size 10.1 in
Native resolution 1,024x576
Graphics Processor Intel GMA 950
Graphics/video ports VGA
Graphics Memory 128MB
Total storage capacity 60GB
Optical drive model none
Optical drive type N/A

thats basically everything,
thanks for your help and sorry for my poor english
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