Screen goes black, loud fan noise

Hello guys!
My r9 290 tri-x stopped working on friday, it simply gives a black screen after 15 minutes of playing. Screen goes black, and there is an insane loud fan noise as if they were spinning on 100%.

I thought this was a GPU problem so I've switched back to my old HD 6850 toxic.
After 30-35 minutes doing nothing on the desktop, the screen went black and there was this loud as hell fan noise too.

What could be the problem?

System specs:
ASRock Z87 extreme4 mobo
i7 4770k @3,5GHZ
Noctua NH-u14s CPU cooler (could this be loud fan?)
2*4GB G.Skill Ares RAM
240GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD
1 TB WD Blue HDD
2 TB WD Green HDD
650 Watt Corsair CS Series Modular 80+ Gold
Zalman Z9+ case
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  1. What are your CPU temps? CPU and GPU
  2. When the GPU was in
    The r9 290's peak temp was 73 Celsius, I did not monitor the HD 6850 though.
    For the i7 the maximum core temperature was 54 Celsius
    They are normal temperatures I guess
  3. Those temps are perfectly fine. That is not the issue.

    Can you tell if the GPU is where the fan noise is coming from? Also, does the computer restart or just sit there when this happens?
  4. No it was definitely NOT the GPU fans. The computer does not restart the screen goes black and fans spin up like crazy.
  5. Check your BIOS version and then update to the most recent version.
  6. Did It already, all this happened after this
  7. ZeroRequiem said:
    Did It already, all this happened after this

    Did any of this happen before? If so, roll back the BIOS.
  8. 9 days ago i've built this PC installed everything, updated the drivers then it ran without problem till this friday. Then suddenly black screen with the r9 290. So I've switched back to my old HD 6850 and the same thing happened.
  9. What BIOS is your motherboard running? boards DO NOT ship with the most recent BIOS. You may very well have gotten a board that has been sitting on a shelf for 8 months.

    ALso, 'updating the drivers' IS NOT THE SAME as installing a WHOLE new BIOS.
  10. Yeah I've thought about this but the computer should have done all these black screen - fan noise combo a week ago or not?
  11. Go into the BIOS and tell me what version it is running.
  12. UEFI verison: Z87 extreme4 2.30
    Chipset version: 2.0
  13. Your bios is OLD. Update it to 2.70

    2.30 is the Oldest BIOS that that board can come with. Its like a year old.
  14. Will do sir. How do I upgrade the BIOS itself?
    And still how was it possible for the machine to run a week without problems?
  15. It is possible yes. Drivers are a funny thing and sometimes take VERY specific events to cause them to crash. go here and download the 2.70 link for install under windows. Then just follow the directions.
  16. Now that you say, on friday i've installed a new amd beta driver for the videocard, things started to go ugly after that.
    Uninstalled it though, tried clean windows install then stable driver but the problem persisted.
  17. Just install the new BIOS and we will go from there.
  18. Copy that Sir I'm on it!
  19. Let me know how it goes!
  20. So 2.70 up and running, now I need to test it with a GPU, sadly I don't have time to test it now gotta get some sleep before work. I'll keep you updated tomorrow in 20 hours. Thanks for your help so far!
  21. Always glad to be able to help! Hope it works!
  22. Update: Finally I had the chance to test the system with updated BIOS, bad luck though.

    I've inserted the 6850, went to BIOS, theres a pretty good Storage browser, it shows the MoBo and which slots are used and which slots are free,
    and it showed that my PCI-E slots were empty, but i've just inserted the 6850, I thought I might have messed it up (how can you mess up seating a card?)

    So i've reseated the card, went to BIOS again, Storage browser, and the card shown up! I've closed the bios then, the PC restarted and as if a squadron of WW1 planes were flying over my head the loud fan noise came again, this time without black screen, because I had my integrated graphics still plugged in with a VGA cable.

    I've tried to find out where the noise came from, it's hard though but I think it came from the bottom part of the PC, so either the GPU or the ?PSU? fan. I've restarted the system, same level of noise and I'm so scared something gonna happen to the PC I've shut it down again.

    One more restart, went to the BIOS, Storage browser and the GPU is nowhere to be found. Since 2 of my GPUs cant go dead at the same day I kinda think its a faulty PSU.
  23. This might sound dumb, but you have all the power cables plugged into the GPU right? The PCI-e cables and not like a 4+4 pin set actually meant for the motherboard right?
  24. Yes all of them plugged in correctly
  25. When this happens, you have the monitor plugged into the GPU correct?
  26. Correct Sir.
  27. Could be only that rail of the PSU defective?
  28. No, all the rails are used when the PSU is in use. Certain cables and not tied to specific rails.
  29. So it cant be the PSU? Or maybe somehow its defective, the power output is much lower and thats why it shuts down the videocard?
  30. It could be the PSU, but if it was the PSU, it would shut the computer down, not keep it running when it crashes.

    You could try to RMA the PSU and see if a new one fixes the issue. I don't think this is the problem though as that is a VERY high quality unit. It might be worth a shot though.
  31. Yeah but if not the PSU then what? Could also be the Motherboard but its highly unlikely that 2 of the PCI-E slots are defective
  32. It could be the motherboard but I doubt it. Start by RMAing the PSU.
  33. Also, if you can run on integrated graphics and have it not crash, try running a game on integrated graphics on lowest settings just to see what happens.
  34. I've played BF3 on low settings, League of Legends on medium-high settings (About 5-6 hours so far) without problem
  35. You have correctly updated to BIOS 2.70 correct? This really sounds like a driver issue not a hardware problem. I fixed a similar problem with a friends computer by updating his PCI-e drivers.
  36. Yes my bios is 2.70 and my VGA driver is the same as on the site
  37. You can try to RMA the PSU and see if that helps. I don't think this is the problem though.
  38. It may seem unlikely but if not the PSU then what? The BIOS and every driver is up to date. Either the PSU (90%) or the MoBo (10%) I think
  39. Those are your best bet. If you Google this problem, 90% of the time it is a software issue though.

    99% of the time a PSU issue would result in a total system shutdown. No fans spinning or anything, just a complete shutdown with no warning.

    I still believe this is driver related.
  40. Yeah but if all of my drivers are up to date?
  41. ZeroRequiem said:
    Yeah but if all of my drivers are up to date?

    Completely wipe the VGA driver and install the one from that link I sent you (after selecting your OS). Then completely reinstall (fresh install) the AMD drivers.
  42. Problem is I cant even install the AMD driver without a card in, but if I insert a card I cant even get to windows now
  43. That sounds hardware related. Just RMA the PSU and motherboard at the same time. Then reinstall windows and start fresh. THis is your best bet.
  44. Sent back the PSU and MoBo today, will keep you informed what was the problem.
  45. Just letting you know the repairs are done and indeed the MoBo was the culprit.
    And I've requested money-back on it tossed in a couple more euros and bought a Seasonic X-series 750W 80+gold modular.
    could it be my PSU as well?! its with all my games. I start them and 1 min after that it says that my monitor driver AMD crashed.
  47. Well my problem was a bit different then, I couldn't even start up the PC with the GPU seated.
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