Crashes Multiple issues Please help.

Hello everyone, my PC is crashing in game and as I go into windows the comp crashes.

First of all I've been getting the EQUAL_NO_LESS error which I cant fix, also the intel smart connect tech isn't working and I have re-installed drivers to no avail. I have no idea if these issues are causing the crashes but after spending £1500 on this build and having no problems thus far I'm now at my witts end, if anyone can suggest a way to eliminate certain faults to find the cause I'd be chuffed to bits.

I have exhausted my searches and tried all the fix's so any help/insight would be great.


Win 8.1
i7 4770k
GTX 780
16GB Ripjaws
MSI G45 mobo
750 corsair PSU

Thank you, Mike.
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  1. Do you have a spare GPU and PSU ? If so remove the current GPU and test with the spare one, if the problem persists then remove the current PSU and test with the spare one.

    EQUAL_NO_LESS = GPU problem.

    You mention about PC crashes : How are the crashes 1. Sudden shut down. 2. Blue Screen. 3. Freezing. This could happen due to a faulty/bad PSU.

    You have chosen a budget PSU which is not the best out there.
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