Can you OverClock intel g41 chipset?

So i have a desktop with 6G's of Ram and pentium dual core cpu 2.60ghz and intel g41 chipset so i was wondering if i can overclock it im already at 128mb video memory is it possible to push it past that please help! I wana play good games on mid-high
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  1. No. It's also not really worth it with the low end processor that you have.

    It's time for an upgrade.
  2. ya but i dont have the money right now so im looking for a answer
  3. Well, I should have said, it's not possible to overclock with the BIOS for your motherboard. There is a way to overclock your CPU but it's with a software that a little risky. You will need an aftermarket cooler as overclocking will raise the temperatures of your CPU. In proper cooling will damage parts and then you won't have any computer. However like I said, it's not worth it. What games are you trying to improve performance?

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  4. loadout and bioshock infinite more modern games APB...........
  5. i will be getting a gtx 660 so should i buy a new cpu 2?
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    You need a new CPU. That Pentium dual core will not be able to fully support that 660 gtx at all. A $400 computer is light years faster than the 775 socket pentium dual core you have. For $250-300, you can have a new CPU, motherboard and RAM that will blow your current CPU out of the water. I know the games you listed don't require a super powerful computer to run. But any hardware released in the last 2 years will be a lot better than what you have now.
  7. of course you can, from the Bios,, go to advanced chipset features turn on PAVP mode, choose the highest value available which is 356mb I guess but your dedicated memory will only be increased to 144mb, I used to play on the Gma 4500 integrated card, it can run many many old games and some new, such as AC1, portal 1/2 half life 2 , dark sector, singularity, far cry 1, tomb raider alien rage, with a fps of 40 to 20
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