ACPI_Bios Error, automatic restart(Custom built PC, Installing OS)

So I've got a problem.
Im using a USB boot drive to install an OS onto my newly custom built PC.
After the logo appears for about 3 mins, the program says "sorry we have to restart your pc etc" and a "ACPI_BIOS_Error" is what appears at the bottom of the screen.

My PC specs are as shown below:
Asrock 960GM-VGS3 FX
AMD-FX 6300
MSI- R7770
1TB WD blue
8Gb- 1333 Kingston Hyper X RAM
520 Semi Modular Corsair PSU

Please respond in a timely manner, ive waited an entire month to use my custom built PC.
Thank you for your time (-:

*Update: This error is appearing with the installation of windows 7 Ultimate: Blue screen with =
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  1. Never mind, I discovered the issue was a bad stick of RAM.
    Thanks anyway guys!
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