Sleek yet Powerful Gaming Laptop for College Macbook with Bootcamp or something else?

I want a sleek yet powerful laptop for college. I will be heading to college in september.

I have a budget of $2000 but can go a bit over

Should i just get a macbook pro and use boot camp to play the games I want to play?

I feel like a macbook pro is the only laptop that meets my demand for a "sleek yet powerful laptop"

I want a simple laptop without all of those flashy alienware lights and crap.

Are there any laptops that meet my demands?

Should i wait for this: ?

is it a good choice?
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  1. Lenovo makes some pretty nice gaming laptops - the Y series, IIRC.
  2. I have a Lenovo Y500, love this laptop, I would definitely second this suggestion.

    Although that Gigabyte one looks very sweet, I would get one if I had the cash. :lol:
  3. I'm waiting for the new Lenovo Y50 laptop to come out, check it out :-)
    edit. macbooks tend to be overpriced for their actual performance.
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    Yeah, the keyword is 'sleek'. If you want thin and light, try the Razer Blade- some Apple engineers helped design it, and it comes more powerful GPU than any MacBook will. In terms of design, think black macbook. The ~8 hour battery life is great for a gaming machine. Only two problems with it- screen isn't the best, 1600x900 resolution, and the storage maxes out with a 512GB mSATA SSD. It's fast, but the 1TB capacity of a MacBook isn't there.
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