Brand New Graphics Card, Fan does NOT spin!

Hi, I recently upgraded my computer with a gtx 650 ti graphics card, I get good frames in games for around 5 minutes until it starts to drop by around 30 frames or more. I decided to open up the case as I was playing a game (Grand Theft Auto 4) and I noticed the fan was not moving at all. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions, someone told me to download "Speed fan" which I did but can't find a option to manually turn on the fan. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

GTX 650 TI 2gb (GPU)
AMD Athlon II x4 3.00ghz (CPU)
Foxconn 2ab1 (MOBO)
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  1. Check if the fan wire from the card's cooler is connected to the pcb. it might have slipped off.
    Also get afterburner, see how the card thinks it's doing.
  2. use msi afterburner or evga precision x (if it's evga) and set a custom fan curve and see what it does.
  3. You should take a look between the card and heat sink to see if the fan is plugged into the card. Be sure not to remove the heatsink though, you might void your warranty, and you might need to send your card in for repairs if you can't solve the problem yourself. Fixing your fan should be covered under your warranty. Especially if it was DOA.
  4. Got afterburner, turned the fan setting up, nothing. I think messing around with the fan might void the warranty, like Conlan said. Where is the fan wire located? Its hard to see while the card is inside my computer.
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    get the card out, and look around for a wire plugged in to the pcb.
    the connector should be simmilar to the one you use to connect the cpu fan to the mobo, but smaller.
    if the wire is hanging out plug it in.

  6. Thanks sunder, I will try that. Also afterburner says the fan is on and when I raise the fans "max" setting in the program it shows its cooling the temperature, but the fan is not moving... Can someone explain that too me?
  7. Also, I didnt register the extended warranty within 14 days and its been over 30 since I purchased the card (Just installed it yesterday.) So I guess I am shit out of luck. I think my only options are too go to a PC store and ask them to replace the fan, assuming that works. Still wondering about this "Afterburner" thing, why would my card say its decreasing temp if the fan is not even on (Says its on in the program, trust me its not on.) Seems to be an illusion, as soon as I start to game for 5-10 the card will go up to 80-85c (Just happened.)
  8. That is indeed very weird.
    But you can be sure the card isnt cooling down if the fan doesnt work,
    What you are seeing is the card cooling down due to case air flow because i am assuming you game, then alt tab to see the afterburner--which stops gpu usage, and therefore lets the card cool down.
  9. I assumed the same, either way it is NOT cooling down. It just peaked at 100c and I stopped as soon as I saw that, I wont be gaming with this problem that is for sure. Sunder, I have never replaced a GPU fan but it seems thats my only option, do you think replacing the fan will fix the problem?
  10. Well i will assume you bought a used card, otherwise you'd already be sending it back.
    I don't know if it will fix the problem tbh, but i'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue. If you have a vmeter you can check if there is power coming out of the fan connections.
    If there isnt, you can work around it by macgyvering it to a power source.(though i have no clue if it will work)-just thinking out loud.
    If there is, just replace the heatsink with a new one, it should fix the problem.

    Remember, if there's no power for the fan coming out from the pcb, a new fan won't help you.
  11. Sunder, I purchased the card BRAND NEW. Its been over 30 days since the purchase as I previously said, plus the "extended warranty" that comes with zotac cards has run out since I didnt even open the box till I was about to install the card (You must register within 14 days of PURCHASE). I am not sure if there is no power, I have never seen the fan run once so the fan may be faulty. I am not sure if its power related like I said so maybe I should take it into a shop but I don't know.
  12. You should still be able to take it for warranty.
    Just go where you bought it and tell them to fix it.
  13. Agreed. They sold you a faulty Product and I would demand a replacement.
  14. I plan to do that but listen to this and tell me if I still stand a chance of getting it replaced. Alright, so Best Buy sold me a faulty product, I ORDERED the item the 26th of december they CHARGED my credit card on december 31st (Charge as soon as they ship it is their policy) and their policy is take returns within 30 days of PURCHASE so is the 31st the day of purchase? (I would think so, but who the hell knows...) So when I bring my invoice it shows the day it was ordered and the day it was shipped so if I explain that when its shipped is when its charged do you think I would be able to get my money back/exchange the product? Thanks everyone for their help so far, I appreciate it.
  15. I can't say, but you have to go there to fix the problem either way.
    So, Take what you can, and give nothing back!
    Good luck!
  16. Thanks for the help anyway. Any other opinions are greatly appreciated.
  17. Another thing, in the return policy I am not sure if it covers defective items. They should be able to tell that this is not a ESD OR wear and tear issue (I have had the card in for less than 48 hours, fan never ran once remember?) Either way I plan to demand a refund or exchange for the item at the sale price I purchased it for. I love PC's but it seems there is always some hassle.
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