Looking for best Water-Cooling system (set-up listed)

Hi Everybody,

My PC build is going well so far and I have the following:

HAF-X case - with two top 200mm fans and 200mm side fan (clear with red/blue LEDs)

Maximus VI Hero C2 mobo

I am getting the following this week:

Intel i5 4670k

Water-Cooling system...

Does anybody know of a good water-Cooling system that would fit this set up please?

Many thanks in advance,


So far I am looking at the OcUK Tech Labs Fathom All in One Custom Cooler 120mm. The only problem I have with this unit is that there are no reviews for it...

Although there is a second issue that somebody could easily clear up for me I hope. The fan orientation expresses that cold air should be drawn from the case exterior into the fan (makes sense). Does this mean I could turn my rear 120mm around and put the rad onto it ?
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    A HAF-X should be able to handle any CLC you throw at it, the thing can fit a 360mm rad. Go for whichever Corsair unit is at your budget, but unless you can afford a H100i I really recommend you dont bother and just stick with air.

    You want the radiator exhausting, not intaking air if you can help it. Having it intaking cool air does lead to a few degrees difference for your CPU, but your graphics card and mobo heatsinks will suffer as your dragging hot air into the case. And if you mount the radiator to the top of the case, your suddenly trying to push hot air down, which obviously isnt going to work as well.
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