Are these settings fine for a gigabyte 78lmt-USB3 board? Max vcore without burning VRMs or CPU?

Hey guys, so I needed an AM3+ mATX board for the latest build and I ended up with the one in the title. 4 + 1 heatsinked power phase, rev. 5.0 with the black socket and 125w CPU support. Best or 2nd best mATX AM3+ board according to some charts and tables I saw at the time i bought it a few weeks back.

I have a custom loop with plenty of rad space to accomodate my Phenom II x6 1605t (unlocked 960t x4) alongside a GTX 670 FTW. After overclocking and messing around, I can get my chip to take 1.47v to reach 4.0ghz with the following setup:

VCORE: 1.47v
CPU: 218 ref clock x 18.5 multiplier = 4033 mhz
NB Voltage: 1.3v
NB Frequency: ~2400 mhz
HT Frequency: Auto multiplier, shouldn't be an issue as ref clock is only +18
RAM: Patriot Viper Xtreme 1600mhz, 1750 mhz with 9-9-9-24

(although for the ram, I've seen some say that running anything more than 1333mhz on NB of 2400mhz isn't helpful, and that I should go for 1333mhz with better latency)

RAM Voltage: stock 1.5v
Core Unlocker: Auto, x6

This has passed Prime95, and my CPU gets to about 30 degrees C...... thumb.gif

BUT - That's absolutely killing me inside! I know I have so much more thermal headroom but I don't want to kill this 4 + 1 VRM board... although they are heatsinked...

Are these settings optimal for my setup and board? Or should I drop the reference clock back to stock 200 and just jack up the CPU and RAM individually? And best RAM settings, as I have not been able to get the 5-5-5-12 timings as someone recommended to me because the board only goes down to like 14 or 15


PS - its a 960t, the Thubans have a recommended vmax of 1.475, not 1.55 like all the other phenoms. But does this still apply if I'm not on air?
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  1. yes
  2. Yea I'm gonna wait for someone with some knowledge to give helpful info.... Thanks tho haha
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