Can't boot up computer normally ever since GPU crash

Hi there folks,

I have not been able to start my computer normally ever since it crashed while I was playing a game yesterday. When I try to boot up my computer afterwards, everything goes on normally (1 beep, I see the windows logo coming up) but a black screen then shows up where my windows login page is supposed to be.

I am however, able to start my computer in safe mode.

I have googled for solutions and have tried some, so far to no avail.

I am absolutely sure it has something to so with my graphics (most likely video card driver) because when I uninstalled my driver via the device manager, I was able to boot up my computer normally. But once I boot it up normally and let windows download the driver automatically, I would proceed to restart my computer, only for the same issue to pop up again.

I have also tried uninstalling everything related to my GPU driver by uninstalling it on safe mode via the device manager, then restarting my computer normally and using CCC to uninstall the rest. Afterwards, I also used a driver uninstaller program to ensure that everything has been deleted. Once done I downloaded the 13.12 CCC driver from the AMD site and installed it. I restarted my computer to apply the changes but the same issue still pops up.

I am running out of ideas, would appreciate some help here.

PS OS: Windows 7
GPU: AMD Radeon HD6870
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  1. Try your GPU in another PC if posssible - you can check if the GPU is the problem.
    Try another GPU in your PC if possible - you can check if your mobo/something else is the problem.
    Reinstall windows to check if this fixes the issue - you can check if the problem is software-related.
  2. Thanks but unfortunately I do not have a spare desktop for me to try out the GPU.

    However I did try starting the computer with a 640x480 resolution from the Advanced Startup Options screen and instead of just a black screen, my cursor was there as well. I tried keying in my password and judging from the audio, it worked. Only problem is that I still can't see anything on the screen other than my cursor.
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