Is this Gigabyte motherboard compatible with G-Skill RAM?

So i'm building my first computer and was wondering if the Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H is compatible with this G-Skill value RAM.

After checking the supported RAM list for this mobo on Gigabyte's website, I'm still not quite sure whether this RAM will be compatible.



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    Yes, the ram that you were looking at is compatible because the MOBO accepts only DDR3 Ram and that is what the Ripjaws ram is you can check this by looking above ask or answer a question box, and to see what type of ram the ripjaws is just look at the top most bullet above the ask or answer a question.
  2. That would work fine but I would go with this kit for lower latency:
  3. That would also work with the mobo.
  4. also are there any RAM brands you would recommend the most? Which would be most reliable in the long run?
    ive heard good things about Corsair and G-Skill but are there any good lesser known brands?
  5. Gskill is hands down the best.
  6. If i could recommend ram it would be patriot ram because they last a long time an are pretty reliable in most cases
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