Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 CPU 3 Pin Fan

I have just built my first build and its not POSTing. I kept getting a red LED in the CPU part of my mobo, after searching around I discovered many causes for this including BIOS version to CPU issues, I've made sure my BIOS are up to date with my CPU. Next I want to test if maybe heat is the issue, the cooler fan is spinnning(4pin) however I don't know if the heatsink fan is spinning as well(3pin) I read that 3pin doesn't work with this mobo. Can anyone clarify that? What else would I do? Cooler is an H60 by Corsair, CPU is FX8350. I haven't tried the stock cooler because I got the PC to boot almost the BIOS, it turned off automatically right before I pressed Delete.
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    start here

    you must go though this guide first before we can help u let us know if you found ur problem or still need help after trying all the items in it. (I got in trouble for helping someone else for this with out sending them though the guide first)
    we will assume you checked all these items so really go though the list

    if you don't find the problem after this guide then please give us complete parts list thanks
  2. Nvm I do believe I got dis beech sorted out....for now.
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