Bad fps after slight CPU overclock

So I overclocked my fx 6350 to 4.2ghz using amd overdrive and when I opened up battlefield 4 I was getting and average of 20fps (just above 60 is my usual). The thing is though, AMD say that the 6350 can go up to 4.2 with the stock cooler (boost clock) so I dont see what the problem should be. I have good cooling in my pc (cable management, exhaust fan etc.) so its not a heating problem. Anyway here are my pc specs:

Fx 6350 (normally at 3.9ghz)
Sapphire 7950 (925mhz core clock, 1250mhz memory)
8gb corsair Ram
Kingston 120gb ssd (with os and battlefield 4 installed)
1TB hard drive (with everything else on it)
650w non modular power supply
ASUS M5A97 EVO 2.0 mobo
Sharkoon T5 economy case

An answer would be much appreciated :)
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  1. Never overclock using a software, always use the BIOS.
  2. Why not? I thought AMD overdrive was good...
  3. LordOfThePings said:
    Why not? I thought AMD overdrive was good...

    To say so, AMD is not so good in overclocking, I have an AMD and Intel pc's and I can tell you that even that AMD's cpu can take higher clocks, intel cpus are more stable and make better use of it's cores and have less temperature raises.
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