White horizontal lines when watching youtub

Hello ive recently upgraded to asus r9280x directcu ii top
and my videos on youtube sometimes are like this
Im pretty sure i have the correct drivers for the gpu. Could it be somethign elsE?
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  1. Hi there!
    Is there supposed to be a link there to a video of what the problem looks like (I think it may be missing :P )?

    My next question, is there any other strange behavior graphics wise? Games crashing, random blue screens, etc?

    Is the problem occurring in one browser or all browsers and do other video sites do the same?

    These are some starting questions to narrow down whether its a hardware issue or software. :D
  2. yes type on youtub please "white horizontal lines on LCD tv" , if my link doesnt work.
    I cant test if its the same on on other browsers because at the moment it isnt happening.
    No blue screens, no game crashes. I got some big screan tearing in my game 2 times and had to restart the game and then it was alright.
    I think i saw the lines on other video site as well.
  3. This as well

    A black thick line on the top, after alt+tabbing
    Many graphics issues lately.
    But this one was happening before i upgrade the gpu. maybe a chrome issue.
    So, if i have the correct drivers, the gpu can be faulty? :(
  4. I just watched the youtube video. It is the most insane and commonly overlooked item but the cable connecting the pc to the screen. Is it frayed or damaged? are there any "adapters" between the two devices? Those lines look almost like the cable could be bad.
  5. you mean the dvi right?? i just tightened it and waiting. what do you mean adapters between the two devices??
  6. Yea! If there are any DVI-HDMI or DVI-VGA adapters between your graphics card and the monitor make sure they are tight and that the cable isn't damaged. It sounds silly but it's happened before :D
  7. new issue now...

    Look under the subscribe button the letters are distorted and they are flashing..
    Ive never seen before.So i guess my new gpu needs replacement?:(

    (No adapters connected!)
  8. I wouldn't give up just yet. Are you overclocking the graphics card any? What kind of power supply are you using?
  9. i installed the gpu tweak program from the factory CD , but i dont think i overclocked it.. im not quite sure though. i have a corsair 600 watt, and fx 8350 an ssd 128gb and a 500gb hdd .
  10. hmm well do you have another graphics card you could swap to? Or what about the integrated graphics on your motherboard?
  11. I have my old gpu and there werent any issues two days ago! I will try and swap it. Maybe i need to clean install windows for the new gpu drivers?
  12. Best answer
    Clean installs shouldn't be required for driver/gpu swaps. It is possible that there are some lingering driver files/registry entries. I would suggest which is a full uninstaller and can help remove pesky persistent files. Before giving up and RMAing the gpu I'd suggest uninstalling the drivers completely and starting from scratch :)
  13. ok thanks a lot ill try it!!
  14. i just installed the catalyst , but its still on my PC :P what is going on :D
  15. Well if all else has failed I suppose an RMA would be the next option. The lines could be artifacting caused by bad memory on the card. Any luck with your old GPU?
  16. http://

    Maybe i should update these?
    especially the chipset drivers? or no need??
    (ill swap the old gpu tomorrow morning cuz too tired from work now :))
  17. Always always always! If there are drivers available on a manufacturer's website they need to be installed. Chipset drivers are a huge player in overall system stability. Leaving the "windows default drivers" is just asking for trouble x)
  18. Two last questions please..!because im wasting your time here. i downloaded the chipset drivers, and in the folder thereis a "Setup" with the AMD icon and an "ASetup" with a blue monitor for an icon. I executed the Setup , is that right?
    And what about the AMD SATA AHCI Driver and AMD SATA RAID Driver . i update those too ?
  19. I would just run the setup.exe in the driver folders. The SATA and RAID drivers aren't probably necessary for the video cards but still wise to install :D
  20. http://

    those core clocks mhz are normal ???

    well i dont know whats going on.. Particles and shapes and lines appearing everywhere on screen now.. you think the graphics card is broken? or maybe something wrong with cpu ?
  21. Yea.... if the artifacting and graphical tearing is getting worse its time to RMA. :( Keep us updated and be sure to check back in and tell us if the RMA fixed the problem!
  22. lol ok :) how about the last image ? this cpu performance is normal ??
  23. What CPU is it again? It looks like that could be right under certain circumstances. I would say its fine.
  24. fx 8350! ok thanks a lot friend for everything :)
  25. hello mate i just sent the gpu back! its defective! i dont know if they will let me choose another model. but if they send me the same it might be a defective one because many others had the same problem with the r9 280x directCU ii TOP. so you better avoid it!
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