My computer is being weird. It was fast now it's slow

My computer is being really strange lately. No less than a week ago I was running skyrim on high at 60 frames and now I'm getting twenty frames and keep in mind I was running 70 plus mods I haven't downloaded any big files I have updated my drivers

Nvidia GEFORCE 745m
Intel Core i7-4500 CPU 2.40GHz
8.00 GB of ram

Please help
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    monitor your temperatures (use CPU-Z and GPU-Z, they monitor temperatures and system info in real time), since you have mobility processing units, I'm assuming you have a laptop, after a few months or a year or so, laptops get clogged up with dust and have severe heat issues
  2. Dear Jake,
    In my point of view check the task manager process and see which application is getting higher CPU or Memory.... and also go for msconfig in run and go to startup service and uncheck the unwanted startup!!! Reply Me if this works!!!
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