issue with AMD 8350 black edition and sabertooth 990fx

I am new to here, so sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, That aside, I have a issue with my brand new 8350 fx, I just installed it on my MB and for some reason on stock settings it went straight up to 4.6 ghz and force crashes my pc upon start up via blue screens. Now I have two questions, A) what can be doing this, and since I'm using air cooling ( not stock fan, using a cool master after market fan) how to bring it down to closer to its stock ghz. and B) should I return the CPU? could this have damaged it permanently? it only happened three times. Below I will list my specs for further help.

AMD 8350 black edition
ASUS sabertooth 990fx mother board
samsung ram 1333 8gbs
corsair GS600 psu
nvidia EVGA 2 gb 770
WD 1 TB 7500 hdd
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  1. Have you tried resetting your cmos?
    What are the settings in your bios for voltages, multiplier, and FSB? It looks like for some reason they were changed. You may just have to reset everything in the bios.
  2. how do I reset everything in my bios? is that as simple as pulling out the cmos battery and re inserting it?
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    You can reset the bios by taking out the battery waiting for a bit and putting it back in.

    There is also a 3 pin cmos connector. You may have to refer to the manual to see where exactly it is on your board. But, on that 3 pin there is a piece that bridges 2 of the pins. You have to move it over so it bridges the other pin. Then turn on the comp for 10 sec, Turn it off and reset the bridge, and that will have reset the bios. might help.
  4. that worked! thank you so much! now should I go back and get this replaced? or should there be no permanent damage to the cpu?
  5. I doubt it was hurt. It sounds like the processor did not have enough voltage to remain stable at 4.6ghz. When you overclock and test different voltages you expect some blue screens. As long as nothing astronomically absurd was going on with voltage you are fine.
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