Installing an SSD on an OEM desktop

I'm getting ready to install a 250GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD on a Dell XPS 8500 running Win 8.1. After migrating the OS to the SSD, I plan to format the existing hard drive and then use it for some data storage.

Will formatting the HDD destroy the Dell recovery partition (which Samsung says does not get transferred to the SSD using Samsung's Data Migration utility)?

If so, do I have any options short of buying a copy of Windows 8.1?

Thanks for any guidance.
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  1. If the Dell recovery partion is on the HDD then it will be gone after you reformat it, but if you backup it up to the SSD then it will be there when you install windows 8.1 on it!
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    If you are migrating the OS to the new drive, there is no need to buy a copy of Win 8.1
    If you format the old HDD, then yes....the recovery partition will be gone.

    The question you want a install DVD of Win 8 for future use? Advisable, but I've not really found a good solution for this.
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