New build, NAS. Need some help, never built a pc specifically for storage.

Hi All.

I am looking to increase my storage capacity. Currently I have 4.5Tb of storage in my case, but its heavy, and I regularly head to friends for Lans. I plan to split my PC and build 2 new ones specific to their needs. 1 Gaming rig with enough room for 2SSDs and maybe 1 hdd, and 1 server PC for all media files, so 4+Hdds.

The gaming rig I am happy with, I know what I need to do to build that. However when it comes to NAS, I have almost no experience.

What will I need to do differently building a NAS PC, clearly a cheaper cpu will be desirable, but a platinum rated PSU would be a good idea?
How much of an effect will ram have on access and transfer speeds?
I assume as it wont usually be attached to a screen, running a system with just onboard graphics will be fine.
This means I can go for a smaller cheaper mobo, as long as it doesnt skimp on the SATA3 ports, correct?
I obviously would like the NAS to be as quiet as possible, with that in mind, could you recommend a case?
OS wise, what would be best, win7 or win8? The gaming rig will be win7 based as that is what I prefer.
I plan to have the NAS between my gaming rig and my home network, so dual Gig lan ports is necessary, but is this worth it? I dont want to feel like I am accessing the files over the net, but gig lan should prevent this?
If I do go with my intended network setup, how badly will this effect pings while gaming? My guess would be not much.
I would like to get WD red hdds, done a fair bit of looking at hdds previously and nearly bought some to put into my current monolith of a case, dont really want to add anything else to its weight. It currently tips the scales at 23kg.

Sorry to put so many questions into 1 post, and thanks for any help!
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  1. There are all kinds of ways to go about this but if I was doing it I'd probably build an Unraid box. Depending on how many drives you want depends on the case and power supply you would want to choose. For a processor something like an I3 dual core is fine. Not sure about motherboard but i'd probably get one that would let me run ECC ram.
    I'd start out with about 3, 4TB WD Reds and add more as I needed them. Really no sense in buying a bunch of drives that are just going to sit empty. Anyway look into and read up on Unraid it's pretty slick since all you need is a nas and not a full server i'd seriously look into it. Also you might want to wait a bit because WD Red 5TB nas drives are supposed to be coming out soon.
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