Is it ok to use a cheap mb with a high end processor or am i missing something? not sure if im going to be wasting processor

im thinking about using an ASUS H87M-E ( with an Intel Core i7-4771 Haswell 3.5GHz ( keep in mind I have no interest in ever doing crossfire or using more than 2 8g sticks of ram. my main question is am i going to be wasting any of the power of this processor on such a cheap mb. and if so why....
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  1. You will not be wasting your processor by putting it on that motherboard, but don't forget you won't be able to overclock and also that that motherboard doesn't have a lot of features.
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    There are limitations for overclocking, GPU (crossfire) - but everything else on the mobo should make it fly like a rocket. You have 6 SATA III connectors, decent audio, video and networking - I wouldn't say the processor would be "wasted" on the mobo, it would be more of a concern as to what you were going to utilize the computer for....

    Kind of reminds me of a friend who built a $3,000 computer - top of the line components everywhere and was pissed that Farmville didn't play any faster....
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