need help selecting motherboard

i am looking for a motherboard with the suggested specs

manufacture asus or gigabyte
socket type am3+
chipset 990fx

4x240pin memory slots
ddr3 1600mhz
maximum memory supported 32gb
dual channel supported

2 or 3 pci express 3.0 x 16 slots

2 or 3 sata 6gbs
2 or 3 sata 3gbs

2 or 3 usb 3.0
2 or 3 usb 2.0



im looking for a good motherboard capable of ocing and sli/ crossfire for a fx 8350 amd processor
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    One of the best 990fx motherboards out there.
    Also if you haven't bought your CPU yet, I recommend getting the FX-8320, which is basically an underclocked 8350 that you can overclock to 8350 speeds.
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