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I will be building a w/c pc soon and i need a case that will fit a big mobo and gpu and also fit my 360mm radiator on top and a 240mm on the bottom next to my long psu. I also need loads of space for tubing and 4 gpus. I would also like to put the reservoir in the hard drive bays along side my dvd drive and fan controller. I am also very touch on how it looks.

I was thinking the Haf X but it only has 2 fan spaces on the top and i have seen people say it is very tight. Atm i am looking at the NZXT switch 810, im not sure on this case as i want the best bang for the buck.

My budget is $200 (sry)

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. The HAF-X can fit a 360mm at the top, I have one in my HAF-X. But yes it is tight, and you need to sacrifice the top 5.25" bay to use it unless you have something slim.

    The Switch 810 I think is a good choice.
  2. Well yea but i honestly dont like the look of the haf X. I like the switch 810 but im not sure about that the build quality of the plastic it is all made off. Also i dont really like the top design of the switch. Do you know of any cases that look simular? I like big windows :)
  3. - Corsair 750D
    - If you can stretch, the Phanteks Enthoo Primo is a great case.
    - Corsair Air 540
  4. Dont really like cube cases or the 750D
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