Digital sound output (SPDIF) to PC Speakers?

Curently I have a Dual link DVI to HDMI port connected directly from my GPU to my TV/Monitor.
And yes my GPU has his own sound processing unit (PureHD by nvidia).

As the sound is crystal clear with HDMI there is a problem and its obviously the lack of sound depth because of the build in speakers in my TV/Monitor they cant emmit low frequency signals.
They output 100Hz max while the true subwoofer frequency is about 50-20hz.

My mobo has a built in coaxial and optical SPDIF output, but my PC speakers only support the classic 3.5 male jack used on the classic analog sound outputs.

I would like to use the Digital output to the PC speakers/headphones.
What exactly is required?
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  1. you need a S-pdif Dac that has enough 3.5mm jacks to suport it
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