Setting fps limit to 60... sometimes getting 61-63 how?

I am playing project melee online and I have v sync and fps limit to 60 and itll go to 61 62 pretty sure this is causing desync issues might not be but its weird.

Can someone tell me how this is possible?
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  1. Just enable Vsync, you should not need to limit the framerate as Vsync will do it for you.
  2. like i said. I put on vsync AND a fps frame limiter to 60 and itll still go to 61 to 62 at times. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??!
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    Depending on your PC, it may go over the fantasy limit occasionally. It shouldn't really matter with a 1-3 for difference. It isn't a real problem. Why do you limit it to 60 at max?
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