DayZ Commander Virus? Please Help.

Alright so after watching the video it said that getting DayZ commander would be the best way to get Epoch and other mods for DayZ, and I went to the link in the description to download DayZ Commander from its official site. ( When I tried to download from here I got a "Cannot save due to insufficient permissions. Please save to another location." error. I found DayZ Commander on CNET Downloads ( and decided to download it from there instead. When I was downloading it, my antivirus popped up with a message but I just pressed okay. It installed and works properly now but it seems my web browser has been bombed with all sorts of adds and pop ups, and I'm afraid I may get my identity stolen from this. If anyone can help me on this, I would much appreciate it!, Thank you.
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  1. Reading one of the reviews on cnet someone says it puts SweetPacks browser hijack on your system:

    If that it what you have, try this:
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