Are these components good enough for a gaming PC? Help appreciated as I don't know too much about components.

Hi, I don't have a very good understanding of PC's but I'd like to get into PC gaming. I would like to know if these components put together be enough to run Battlefield 4. Any help would be appreciated because I am very unsure of what to do. I have left out windows software but I do acknowledge that I'm going to have to buy that too as well as a case. I have a disk drive, gpu, ram (2x4gb), 500gb hdd, and an 15 cpu. Do I need more things for a gaming pc or is that it? Here are the minimum requirements of battlefield 4: Thanks in advance.

Here are the links to the components:

I am aware that I don;t have a case and any software such as windows 8. I'd just like to know if these parts are compatable with each other and work well with battlefield 4. I have a budget of around £500 minus the case, monitor and windows 8 software so please keep that in mind when suggesting any changes. Thanks for any help.
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  1. The PSU is to small for the GTX580 and really I can not open the link GTX760 would be better choice.
  2. rolli59 said:
    The PSU is to small for the GTX580 and really I can not open the link GTX760 would be better choice.

    Im not sure which component is the PSU. Sorry about how little I know about these things. I know about cpus, ram and gpus but I dont know what a PSU is.
  3. Power supply :)
  4. Power supply, what are you paying for the GTX580?
  5. Thanks. I am paying £120 for it for the GTX580. Can you recommend a PSU for me if you don't mind

    Edit: I am paying £35 for the current PSU so it would be ideal for the price to be somewhere around that.
  6. So the new power supply along with all of the other components will be compatible together? I'll post the model of each component I'm using as you're not going to be clicking on the links, if you need me to.
  7. Some of the links do not work but CPU and board work together which is the main thing, card and any SATA drives will work as well and you will need 1.5 volt DDR3 ram.
  8. The ram is 1.5 V and uses DDR3 (and 8gb). Is there any other details you need to know about the other components?
  9. Looks good to me. I can dispute the 580 but being reasonably priced I can not find cheaper as well performing card.
  10. Last question. Will the GPU, CPU, RAM and any other necessary parts be able to run Battlefield 4. I'll post the minimum and recommended specifications to run the game if you would like me to. If yes, what setting do you think I can run it at (low, medium, high or ultra). If you don't know the answer to this then it's fine and you don't have to worry about it.
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    It will run it no issues. Should do high on 1080P.
  12. rolli59 said:
    It will run it no issues. Should do high on 1080P.

    Okay. One very last question. Will this case be sufficient for everything.
  13. Yes it should fit everything!
  14. Alright thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. :D
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