XP Media center won't read DVD files from Seagate 4TB external hard drive

I have a lot of DVD movies that I ripped to my computers internal hard drive using any DVD.
They show up and play just fine in Vista Media center. I also have movie files stored on many other external hard drives ranging from 500GB to 1TB. They all play just fine.
Well I saw a deal on a Seagate 4TB external back-up drive so I bought one. I intended on consolidating my movie collection onto the 4TB HDD.
I copied all of the movies from one of my computers 500GB internal hard drives over to the 4TB drive. Most of the movie files won't play from the 4TB drive, but there are a few that do start but freeze up.
What is the deal?
I read that Vista can't recognise HDD larger than 2TB, is that true.
If so is there a workaround?

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    If you have Win7 machine, try it on that and see if it works. Copy the files again from the source to the 4TB HDD, maybe it got corrupted during the copying?
    Try a different video player like Media Player Classic or Video Lan
    Here is something about XP and HDD larger than 2TB, scroll down to Windows Disk Support
  2. It's possible that the files are saturating the USB 2.0 interface. You could try to pull the drive from the enclosure and install it internally via SATA.
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