600 W plus80 PSU for either r9 280x or gtx 770 ?

I'm planning on finally upgrading my graphic card to either gtx 770 or r9 280x. I've got a 2008 model FSP Epsilon 80plus 600W PSU, The specifications can bee seen from this:

I want to make sure if my PSU is sufficient to handle either of the GPUS properly.

PS: I'm not going to OC.
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  1. I say a 600W will do fine. However, I'd go with something like a 650W just to be on the safer side :)
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    Your PSU is getting to be old and likely can no longer put out the amount of wattage it could when new. You should still be fine running it (with either graphics) since you've extra headroom. If you find the PSU fan starts running loud or that you begin having stability issues, you'll want to look into replacing the PSU but I don't see the need offhand.
  3. Also, get PSU from a good brand (Corsair, Cooler Master. Silverstone, Seasonic Antec etc.)
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