Pulling software off old computer (Original CD's and keys are MIA)

Pulling software off old computer (Original CD's and keys are MIA)

I'm currently replacing an old workstation with a new one and I need software off the old one. However the cd's and keys for the software have gone MIA (old computer, old software) and the software is no longer available as the company has since been bought out. In the past I've simply cloned the old drives and put them on the new machine but I was hoping to do something different this time around.

Does anyone know of a good, reliable way, to transfer the old software onto the new machine?

Thank you for any help!
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  1. Without the original installation media and keys you are SOL. Even if you copied the installation directories you'd still have to track down essential files from other system locations, and hundreds, if not thousands, of registry entries (not all of them easily recognizable) to make. It's extremely unlikely that you'd ever be able to stabilize such a system.
  2. thats what i figured but was hoping someone knew of a reliable program or method of doing this. Thank you for the response.
  3. @jturbo86

    I know that this thread is kind of old but you could always see if you could find the ISO for the programs. If you can find those, you can use a program such as Belarc Advisor. This program compiles a list of programs that are on the computer and lists the product keys associated with those programs (normally). This will at least get you the product keys to store for future reference. Even though the companies have been bought out, do they still produce the same software? If so, you could always see if they would send an installation disc to you for either free or a reasonable fee since you already own the software.
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