overclocking fx 6300 to 4.5ghz help

hi guys just bought an fx 6300

my mobo is MSI 880GMS-E41 FX

i also have a gammax s40 cooler

1 120mm side fan

1 120mm front fan

and 120mm back fan.

with an aerocool rs9 case

do you guys think my cooler is sufficient for 4.5ghz? i previously reached 4.5ghz with my a8 paired with a gammax300.

and can you guys help me with the multipliers and frequency? thanksss
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  1. Manually change the voltage by a small increment up and bump the clock speed to around 4 ghz, run a stability test such as prime 95 for about an hour and see if there are any crashes, also keep an eye on temps with a program such as core temp, if all is fine keep moving the core clock up, if you have any crashes increase the voltage up slightly until stable, keep repeating until you hit too high of a temperature or the voltage is going around your maximum safe voltage (google around for safe voltages for your chip)
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