Disk usage at 100%: system unresponsive

I've recently put together a home system using a mixture of new and spare parts. I know all the old parts work fine, and the new parts seem to be running just as normal, but occasionally the system becomes completely unreponsive for about 10 seconds, and simply carries on without any sort of error message. I kept an eye on task manager when this happened again, and I noticed that the primary disk(SSD boot disk) usage spikes to 100% when this happens. Everything else stays within normal idling range, no changes in temperatures neither. There is no anti-virus running in the background, no downloads, and the system has a fresh copy of Windows 8.1 64bit.

AMD Phenom II X4 955
Gigabyte 970A-D3P
Zotac GeForce GT640
2 x 2GB DDR3
Corsair F40 SSD
Seagate 750GB HDD
Rosewill RX850
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  1. What size is the the F40?
  2. try turning on trim support on the ssd.
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    Try to clean install the OS again, see what happens. My doubt is that the SSD is failing
  4. The F40 is 40GB, barely enough for the OS. User files are stored on the HDD. How do I enable trim support on the SSD? This SSD is a little over 2 years old, still under warranty. It's been in an office system mostly used for QuickBooks.
  5. everything you need to know about enabling trim
  6. I enabled TRIM support, but the problem did not go away. Then I reinstalled the OS on the HDD, and everything has worked just fine so far, no sign of the disk usage spike and system lockups. I believe something is up with that SSD.
  7. forgot to mention it would only work effectivley if you reinstalled the o.s while trim was enabled.
  8. Ah... Well I'll just use this SSD for other things, it's a bit small for a modern OS anyway. Thanks for all of your help though, much appreciated!
  9. You are welcome.
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