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So, building my new PC tomorrow, but have been playing on my MacBook Pro dual booting windows 8.1 (holds up surprisingly well). But alas, I have had a large upgrade and was wondering, how can I transfer over my games from my MBP to my new PC. I have a 32GB memory stick and none of my games are over 25GB.

The main reason I want to do this is because my internet speed it not that great, so having my favourite games within a few hours of setting up my new PC would be great.

Both PC's will be running the same OS, and I have about 200GB of games. USB 3.0 should help me out :D

Also, is ther another way to transfer files (ethernet, firewire etc)

Many thanks
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    Assuming these games are on the 8.1 partition on the MBP, and assuming they are Steam games, this would work:

    If they are are installed on the Mac partition....they are the Mac version and will not work on a Windows OS.

    Connect both to the same router, share the relevant folders, and copy the SteamApps folder ovr.
    For other games, they need to be reinstalled on the new system. Just copying 'may' work, but there is no guarantee.
  2. Thankyou so much!
  3. For Steam you can:-
    install Steam and log into your account on the new computer
    copy the entire contents of the SteamApps Folder from the old pc to your new pc - this can be done either using the memory stick a folder at a time or over the LAN by sharing the folder with "everyone", remember to unshare it afterwards
    on the new computer you may need to validate a few of the games if they don't start/run properly

    for Origin - sorry, I don't know a quick way to copy it

    everything else - re-install on the new computer.
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