is a nvidia gpu works well with an amd cpu ???

Is a nvidia gpu Fully works with an Amd cpu ?? Like with an intel cpu
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    sure why not?

    many people use them
  2. No reason not too. People just tend to be fanboys, and either go all amd, or intel, nvida.
  3. Yeah! i've got an amd fx 8350 OC'ed at 4.5Ghz wich i've ran a gtx 680 and gtx 690. Both worked fine. I did find that i got a performance bost when i installed windows 8.1. My friend has a intel 3770k running on stock clocks and cooler with a gtx 690 and it runs slightly better.

    We also ran 3d mark on both our systems.
    The intel 3770k/690 system got 9930 on 3d mark and then 13792 3d mark11 (for direct x11)
    On my 8350/690 3d mark test i got 9190 then 12377 on 3d mark11.
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