My brother is giving me a motherboard naked, I am just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction of what parts

Help finding parts to custom build a machine. Received a new motherboard from my brother and I would like some parts advice/knowledge
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  1. google the make and model of the motherboard and see what the spec are.
  2. You have to tell us what board it is ;#}
  3. Sorry I posted it at first, didnt show up
  4. Can you tell us the specific model? you're linking a review that covers the entire series of motherboards.

    Also, what do you want to build out of it? Do you have a set budget to do so? What will you be using the system for?

    Please use this post as a guideline to reformulate your question:
  5. If it is a socket 1366 motherboard,in the U.K. you could buy a quadcore 17 920 cpu for about £65 , or you could sell the board on ebay for £150 and buy something newer,faster and cheaper.
    I dont know if they fetch silly money where you are.
  6. Model: Intel socket lga1366

    I have about 500 to spend, american.. debating on buying something newer but that thing will be more beast than the 6yo machine I was running 5 hdds in a raid.. it was flawless, I just need everything down to the case.
  7. Can you use a phone or camera and post up a picture of the board
  8. I think it would be smarter to sell and get an AMD chipset right?
  9. Just find out which is the fastest Nehalem quadcore it will run and get one, should be about $100
    or so. The Ram could be trickier, you need a trio of matched for tripple channel ram.
  10. Unfortunately all I have is links and the model # ... first time question.. and all I have to send replies through is a mobile device
  11. There should be a Name on the center of the board just above the PCI 16 lane
  12. I just wonder if its worth investing the money.. what would the highest cpu clock I would be able to get? Because ever where I look its saying 2.66 and im looking for more like 3.6
  13. Gigbyte g1-assassin is what it says. G1killer... LGA1356
  14. Aristotlee said:
    My brother is giving me a motherboard naked

    Well, tell your brother to put some clothes on.
  15. For a $500 budget you may want to consider using that board since it is free.
    Stated clock speed is stock you may be able to OC if it is the G1 Killer you linked that is a fine board
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