Black screen after reboot No bios loading nothing

Hello there first time i'm posting here. I have an issue with a desktop bought recently which doesnt load anything after i pressed the start button on the desktop. Everything turns on including keyboard and mouse, GPU and motherboard, screen recieves a video signal yet nothing turns on, not even bios.

It started after i decided to remove spybot from my computer, doing registry fixes with ccleaner and also wanted to install antimalware cuz I had this feeling spybot was not that good after all, but this software didnt respond during update so I uninstalled it as well. The computer offered me to reboot after spybot was uninstalled so I did but the restart was abnormally long, and it never turned off. After I manually turned off the computer, and turned it back on, black screen, and nothing nothing.

Here are the computer specs ( in french, look at the bottom of the page,) can provide details if needed Note that the computer is only 3 months old, and I believe I did a mistake somewhere when I uninstalled spybot, or a virus during antimalware download, or something else I dont know. I googled a bit around yet nothing on this issue, and I saw something called a CMOS clear. Could this help? I dont know that much about computer so I didn't attempt anything on hardware. Also since i bought the computer I havent touched any hardware or changed any.

Help ;(
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  1. try clearing the cmos see if the mb hung. if there no post. try using the usb flashback port to reflash the bios to the newest one. (the last 4 digits on the mb serial number is the bios rev on asus mb).
  2. Thanks for the quick answer, yet how do I clear the CMOS, I press the reset button with the supply off the desktop for 5 mins?
    next to your mb usb slots on the outside end is a clear cmos button (gray). turn off the pc and pull power to the mb. hold this down for a min or two after the power good led goes out and it should reset.
  4. sounds like something malicious was packaged in your software, and most likely altered your bios/and windows start up behavior. possibly wiped out your MBR.

    if not you may have had hardware failoure.

    how new is this a pc? is it very dust inside? have you overclocked or put a lot of stress on it?

    Moving along..
    -As smorizio said clearing CMOS seems like a likely fix.
    -Another good place to begin would be to start pressing F8 repeatedly when you hit the power on.
    (continue tapping it over and over for fifteen seconds or so. by then if it hasn't booted windows to recovery you can move on to the next option.)
    bios update is a good idea aswell but we need post and bios for that
    -so third id say its possibility a video card issue, looks like a solid rig, and ive never seen those titans have cooling issues but you never know. were you monitoring temp at all? or even could have gotten over volted if the PSU is faulty. but thats down the road.
    id try another pcie slot for the graphics card to first rule out pci lane issues.
    you just have the one card in it right? do you have a spare you can test out?
    your mb like my sabertooth dont need ram or a cpu to flash the bios if the bios gets damaged.
    use a usb stick and with the mb power off hit the rog button on the back.
    with your mb be care full asus went from a .rom to a .cap after bios 120x.
    if you have an older bios on your mb you have to run the bios converter first twice. if it at a high bios rev already you just have to download the newest bios and rename it.
  6. Pc is fairly new indeed and a bit dusted inside yes, aside that no overclocking, and yeah to update bios i would need to be able to access it first! I'll probably to CMOS clear and see what happens then , thanks for answers so far i'll keep you informed!
  7. And no i have only one graphic card sadly... dont have any other to test it out
  8. And no i have only one graphic card sadly... dont have any other to test it out
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