AMD FX-8350 w/Galaxy Nvidia GTX-660 Graphics: Want to add a dedicated gpu/physics card to assist the AMD CPU.

QUESTION: Should I run an AMD FirePro, NVIDIA Quadro, or NVIDIA Telsa to assist the AMD CPU?

I have an AMD FX-8350 CPU with a Galaxy NVIDIA GTX-660 GPU: I am wanting to add a dedicated GPU card to assist the AMD CPU during heavy loads. I run Solid Works, Sony Vegas for video, Sony Sound Forge & Specra Layers for audio, Adobe Photo Shop, Illustrator, and InDesign for publications, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and also play games when I can.

I need a precise answer on which route to go while continuing to use the GTX-660 for graphics. My MOBO is the newer ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0 which supports both AMD and NVIDIA GPU's. However, I have heard that NVIDIA will disable the CUDA/Physics if it detects an AMD GPU on the same board- (a negative for gaming). I have also heard that AMD Workstation cards are better at assisting the CPU with rendering HD video, as well as other precision calculations- (a positive for Sony and SolidWorks. Also, the CPU is an AMD so I wasn't sure if AMD to AMD is best.

WITH ALL THAT BEING SAID: Should I run an AMD FirePro, NVIDIA Quadro, or NVIDIA Telsa to assist the AMD CPU?

Other Specs: 1200 Watt Power Supply, DRAM 16GB @ 2133Mhz, Corsair GS SSD, Windows 7 64bit, PCIe interface is 2.0 @ 16X.
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  1. I believe you meant Kepler over Tesla, but that's nitpicking.

    Also, NVidia does not disable PhysX on AMD CPU boards, so you are safe to use another Nvidia Kepler (preferrably a very similar 660) as a dedicated PhysX GPU. However, I believe you are right in that you just can't use PhysX with AMD GPUs, i.e., you can't use a AMD GPU for graphics and the Nvidia GPU for PhysX only. Not 100% sure, but to be safe, GPUs play nicer when not mixed
  2. Thanks CraigN. Given your input I have now research running a Quadro K2000D for physics verses another GTX660, but not sure if the price of the Quadro is justfied by performance? My version of GTX660 does not support open CL. Spec wise- what is your take on performace and versatility of GTX-GTX vs. GTX-Qaudro? Again with the second card run independant as physics only and no SLI.
  3. Unfortunately I cannot give much input on the benefits/performance of Quadro cards :( My knowledge and experience with them is extremely limited. If the quadro K2000D supports OpenCL, and it's something you need, it would probably be the better performer to go with, but might search and make sure no one has had any issues with a GTX-Quadro setup.
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