New pc build power button turns on but not off,please help

Hey, so I just finished building a gaming pc. I encountered 2 problems but the rest seems to be working perfectly as far as i can tell.
The first problems is that when i click the power button on the case, it turns on perfectly. The cpu fan, the case fans, the video card, usb ports, etc all work! unfortunately, when i click the power button again, it won't turn off..everything keeps on going and i have to turn of the psu. Any ideas on how to fix this little problem?
Now, my second problem is that my monitor won't recieve any signal for some reason.
I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!
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    Hold the power button down for 4 seconds.

    Have you selected the correct input on the monitor?
  2. Is the power button connected up to the right header? Anyway it's now a major issue because once you download Windows, you can power the computer off by clicking on shut down.

    As for the monitor, check that it's on the right input. A model number would of helped.
  3. Or maybe the power button is the wrong way around and you have the positive on the negative and the negative on the positive.
  4. Well, as embarrassing as it is to admit it, I just had to click the power button a little longer( 8 seconds). I'm sorry for the beginner mistake! And the screen is LG 23EA63, it's still not receiveing any signal
  5. Don't worry about it we all make mistakes. As for the monitor I don't know what to suggest as monitors aren't really my thing. Just post a separate thread in the Graphics and Displays forum and hopefully an expert over there will help you out.
  6. Turns out my mobo was damaged, that's why it took so long to turn off... but i replaced it and it working great now :)
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