Can i run Nba 2K13 and GTA 4 on Intel HD graphics 4000 with latest drivers

Can I run AC3,Nba 2k13,Nba 2k14,GTA 4,Fifa 13 ........on intel hd graphics 4000(1839mb) 128mb graphics
(Maybe Ivy Bridge)3rd gen intel core 3340 i5 2.6ghz , 4gb DDR3 Ram , Windows 7 64-bit
I have ordered nba 2k13 and Gta4.

I am going to buy a graphic card if they dont run.
I have Acer Aspire Timeline notebook
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  1. I doubt you could run any of them, intels hd graphics arent meant for gaming, mainly for just being able to run 1080p monitors and recorded stuff. And you cant get a gpu for a laptop.
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