Help with using Disk Image to transfer old SSD to new SSD (and exclude a drive from Disk Image)

I am attempting to update from my Crucial M4 to my Crucial M500 SSD.
My system also runs with a 2 TB WD HDD
All on Windows 7 64 bit

I would like to use a disk image to go from the old one to the new one which (from my understanding) should work easily enough.

The problem:
I created the disk image of my SSD and put it on my HDD. BUT when I created the image it forced me to include a partition called EFI System Partition which (at the time) I was unaware was on my HDD NOT my SSD.

So now when I remove my old SSD and plug in the new SSD and try to recover it from the image it says something along the lines of "Windows can't use the disk image because it is on the hard drive you are trying to recover"...

I've figured out now that it is because this EFI partition is on the HDD and it thinks I am trying to reformat the HDD with an image that is on the HDD...

I DO NOT want my HDD to be reformatted. So essentially I have 2 questions:

1. Is it possible to just delete the EFI System Partition (100mb) as I don't even know why it's there in the first place and make a new disk image that ONLY includes the SSD?

2. If I make the disk image on a DVD instead and load the image from the disk will it reformat the SSD with the image and reformat my HDD? (losing all my data) OR will it only reformat the EFI partition by itself?

This is my disk management screen^^
The SSD I want to "clone" is "Disk0" ( C: )
The HDD is "Disk1" ( E: & F: )
and on "Disk1" you can see the 100mb EFI partition I am hoping I can just delete...

Any help would be much appreciated and I am "fairly" computer savvy... so you shouldn't need to dumb it down too much

Thank you very much! And if you require more details; just ask please!
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    Your screen shot is way too small & low-res to be of any use, even when viewed on the hosting site.
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