Stutter / Lag Episodes while gaming and moving windows


I just wiped my computer after an issue and reinstalled windows.

I should have all the correct drivers installed but I'm having episodes of lag/stuttering about once every hour while gaming for 2-3 seconds or while moving windows from e.g. Firefox or Explorer.

How can i monitor these lags to find out what is causing them?


Geforce gtx 680
Sabertooth z77

on win7

Thanks for your help.
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  1. might be aero if that's enabled
  2. aero as in the windows theme?

    I used that before I wiped my computer aswell though and didn't have any problems with it then.
  3. are your drivers the exact same as before? beta or non beta? might be a newer one out there. Also make sure in power options its all set to high performance mode.
  4. No, im using different drivers, I couldn't figure out how to pull the old driver from my windows.old.

    Testing with power options on high performance now.
  5. The problems persist with the changed power options.

    Any more ideas?
  6. try to install a different driver, from a different website maybe
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