Brand New Gaming Computer Shuts Down During Gameplay (Problem is getting worse)

A day ago, my dad gave me a new, custom-made Hp computer made for gaming.
On the first day there was no problems, I could run games like BF3 and Black Ops 2 with no problems whatsoever. However today, when I played a game called SpinTires, my computer shut down instantly and did not restart. I played Dead rising 2 and it shut my computer down as well.

Any assistance to this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Specs of my pc:

Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
AMD FX-6120
Zambezi 32nm Technology
10.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 664MHz (10-10-10-24)
Gigabyte 2AC8
HP 2311 (1920x1080@60Hz) (Monitor)
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (EVGA)
931GB Hitachi HDS721010CLA630 SCSI Disk Device (SATA)
Optical Drives
hp DVD A DH16ACSH SCSI CdRom Device
IDT High Definition Audio CODEC

Power supply: 600 watt.
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  1. Sounds like a heat issue.

    What are your temperatures under load?

    *edit* "instantly shutting down mau be something else if there isn't even time for things to heat up.

    So....can you still BF3 and Blck ops as before, or are they having problems also?
  2. My temperatures under load were about 42-48 C when playing at high settings on the game.

    When it crashes however, they can reach about 52-54 C

    Edit: Bf3 is fine i play that good for now, black ops crashes about 15 minutes in game. (Graphics Card)
  3. How about your GPU temps?
  4. Sorry :P Flip flopped...

    Cpu temps are about 38-42 C
  5. now stability is a suspect.

    What frequencies are your CPU and GPU maxing out at. (Are they overclocked)
  6. Everything is a stock speed, nothing is overclocked.
  7. Are your video drivers up to date?
  8. Yes, they are up to date and I have geforce experience to be sure.

    Quick fact that I probably should tell you:
    The computer was bought at best buy and was fitted with the new gtx 660 and the 600 watt power supply.
  9. If it's not overheating, then it may be shuting down because the PSU can't handle the load.

    ...But any *decent* 600w power supply should be able to handle a 660. Did best buy install the add-ons?
  10. Best buy installed the psu, my dad installed the graphics card.
  11. Does it crash with onboard graphics? (Without the 660 installed)

    What brand/model PSU did best buy install? Did it come with the needed connectors for your 660 or did you have to use adapters?
  12. This is reaching the limit of my knowledge with computers :(

    I have not opened the case of my computer and I do not want to try to because i don't want to mess anything up. Best buy assisted my dad and told him what to do. (Which makes it pretty sure that the connectors were fit for the graphics card).

    The Brand of the Power supply is Thermal take and the model is TR2-600NL2NC.

    I hope this is still helpful :)

    edit: The connectors WERE fit for the card.
  13. Best answer
    That PSU *should not* have a problem powering that card.

    At this stage, I suspect either the card has stability issues or the PSU is faulty and can't handle the load.

    If the computer is just"dying" while you use it. (It's on and working and then it's instantly off) I lean toward a defective PSU. (Or possibly a very weak uninterrupted power supply you may have the computer plugged into)

    But if it's "crashing" with instability symptoms, (freezing, blue screen, sound keeps going while video stops etc.) I lean toward a faulty graphics card.

    It could still be the CPU or MB but the above suspects are what I think are the most likely culprits with the available information.
  14. I had already looked up online as well. Many people with instant shutdowns ended up replacing the psu. Thank you for your assistance.
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