Need suggestions with current state of GPU prices

Hey guys, recently ordered all the parts needed for my new build besides the graphics. Was looking to grab a 280x or the OC'd version from sapphire, but with the current prices due to mining I'm not exactly sure what to do. Should I look into a GTX 770? Should I wait till the new year and hope the prices drop soon or maybe even grab an r9 290 when they come back in stock? Just looking for a little guidance, and any help/suggestions is much appreciated. The max amount I'd spend would be $450 ish.

Here's the build.

There's currently a sapphire toxic 280x listed. Also ignore that there's no hard drive listed.
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  1. I would prefer GTX 770 which is bit faster.

    And for PSU my vote would be Corsair TX650 V2
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