Overclocking R9 270X Club3D

Hello! So I purchased a R9 270X Club3D and I want to know how much can I squeeze out of it.

I've got the power supply for it, so here are some of the specs of the card:

*max clock - 1400 / factory - 1080
*max memory - 1625 / factory - 1400
*2 gb of dedicated memory ddr5

That's it, so thanks for any help
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    Every card overclocking rating is difference.
    Assuming that you're adjusting the power increase for an overclock I won't mention voltage.

    Most basic graphics cards overclock is +100 clock and +200 memory.

    You can overclock memory pretty easily up to 500-600 (max?)

    and for clock speed +300 is on the high end (I wouldn't try adding 400 clock speed (could kill gpu)
    if you want to be on the safe side

    I'd run it at +200 clock
    and +350 memory
    at 115% power
  2. as @andy already already said, every card oc s differently, use msi after burner and see how far you can go.

    expect to be able to get around 1150+ or so on gpu clock and 1500+ on memory clock.

    do keep an eye on temps though
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